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Infrastructure Division

We develop urban infrastructure that means real positive change for communities.

Some of Our Projects

Maintenance and Rehabilitation
of the Xochimilco Ecological Park
[Mexico City]

Remodeling of the Ecological Park in the Xochimilco mayor's office that includes desilting of three lagoons with a volume of 150,000 m3, installation of a jogger, children's games, gardening and a complement of urban facilities.

Winner of the Work of the Year in the category "Urbanism and urban equipment".

Drinking Water
[Los Cabos]

Rehabilitation and Replacement of Potable Water Services, Sanitary Drainage, Pavements and Horizontal Signaling in the Tourist and Residential Zone, in the CIP Los Cabos, Baja California Sur.

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Urban Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation and maintenance for four years of 90km of primary roads in Guadalajara, mainly peripheral, airport boulevard and branches that includes: rehabilitation, beacons, lighting, cleaning, clearing, gardening and complementary works.

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Lagoon Dredging

Adaptation of land for the best use of the hydrological basin of the Valley of Mexico, with a dredging volume of 906,000.00 m3. We made the conformation of tarquinas, adaptation of access roads and construction of control structure.


Regulation Lagoon

We provide the maintenance of the North and South basins with a dredging volume of 198,983.00 m3, as well as the adaptation of tarquinas.

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Centennial Channel

We built a section of 7.6 kilometers, with more than one million m3 in movement of dirt, including rock. It covered the adequacy of access roads.



We built four landfills in the municipalities of Candelaria, Palizada, Tenabo, and Calakmul. We implement new technologies for waste management and develop complementary works.

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